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Baffle Ceiling

Suspended Baffle Ceilings is the best solution for design tasks and a trend of recent years in Europe.

Such ceilings are practical and durable and in addition to the decorative function, they also allow you to hide over-ceiling communications and comply with restrictive fire safety regulations.

The most popular option is Baffle Ceilings made in the colour of wood. This solution allows you to maintain the properties of the metal structure, such as reliability and durability, as well as give the place an aesthetic appearance.

Only TWINMAX produces Baffle Ceilings of any cross-section size and profile spacing. Such flexibility of choice allows to significantly lower the cost of the project and opens up opportunities for interior design.

The main areas of application of Baffle Ceilings:

• Restaurants, bars, cafes;
• Shopping centers and shops;
• Pavilions;
• Malls and exhibitions place;
• Airports and railway stations;
• Car dealerships;
• Hotel halls;
• Lounge areas;
• Business centers and offices.

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Order calculation in 10 min

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